Workshops and Experiences

2 Sydney Stylists deliver innovative workshops and experiences that foster self-expression, personal development, and inclusion. Our offerings are bespoke and solutions led. We will work with you to design a program tailored to your needs and goals. 

Our focus on capacity building equips clients with the tools that promote an environment for ongoing learning and improvement in individuals, organisations and the communities they serve. 

Apart from building bespoke experiences for clients, we also offer our signature series:

  • 2SS Conversations - a live interview series with peers and experts across the creative and cultural industries, business and leadership. Adaptable to real-life or virtual delivery. 

  • Your Crown, Your Style, Your Story - tailored unique experiences using the language of style and beauty to help women and girls build confidence and community. It is designed to hold space to address socially and politically important issues and present layered and complex truths. 

  • Money & Me  - focuses on building financial literacy at different levels. The bespoke series takes into account cultural nuances associated with money. The aim is to  address and unpack the unhealthy connotations and stories related to talking about money, examine the root of our money habits, before providing tools to equip for a healthier money blueprint. 

  • Boss Babe -  is designed to equip for excellence, at work or in personal settings through practical tools and resources that build self-awareness and self-management.

Our other Services

Community Engagement | Styling and Design | Event and Exhibition Curation