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Seasons Greetings! We are currently on a break. Orders made between 22 Dec 2023 and 31 January 2024 will be shipped in early February 2024. Enjoy FREE shipping on orders over $30 Australia wide!
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Testimonials (New)

“2 Sydney Stylists have worked with Miss Sahara Organisation and Anyier Model Management in capacity of styling and facilitating mentorship workshops that addresses the issues that African women face in the fashion industry and within the African community.

They  bring a variety of expertise and skills that are of great benefit to Miss Sahara and Anyier Model Management. Their commitment to women empowering and promoting the greater value that African women can play in the creative, fashion and beauty industry, make them a right fit for our organisations. Through our collaborative work over the years, we have valued the work that the 2 Sydney Stylists have done and their commitment to supporting the African communities.  

We have had the opportunity to work with the 2 Sydney Stylists through photoshoots but most importantly, we have had the pleasure of having them facilitate a number of empowering workshops to Miss Sahara contestants.

Our collaboration with the 2 Sydney Stylists have been very successful because of our mutual respect for what we do, our shared values and our commitment to supporting African communities and empowering women to be changed agents in their own rights.”



“We were looking for someone to design the set and costumes for our web series, Afro Sistahs.

We had been following the work of 2 Sydney Stylists and we believed that they would be able to interpret the visual style we had in mind. We also really loved that they have an eye towards African Authenticity which was important for our story.

It was a great experience working with 2SS. Their creativity stood out right from the moment we started brainstorming ideas. They nailed it with identifying what was needed to create the right look or atmosphere for each scene.

We would not hesitate to recommend 2SS and hopefully work together again in future.”



“I had the honour of working with 2 Sydney Stylist on my short film Inner Demons. I have worked with them on previous film projects were they delivered exceptional craftsmanship so it was an easy decision to ask them to work with me again. They played a major role to bring my vision in Inner Demons to life through their role in wardrobe and production design. Once again I was impressed with their work for example sourcing wardrobe for the main character on a tight budget and utilising the resources they have to dress the set. They contributed to elevate the production to a high standard, which can be clearly seen in the film. I find the 2 Sydney Stylist to be professional, resourceful, creative and enthusiastic when delivering their service.”




"I have had the lovely pleasure of working with the 2 Sydney Stylists team on numerous occasions now, both in the event capacity and photography project space.

I chose the 2 Sydney Stylists on my projects due to their speciality in styling specifically from an African view point. Their ability to organise and bring a diverse range of people together especially women to cohesively work on a project is really inspiring and admirable.

We’ve worked on charity fundraising events and a photo exhibition and each time due to their keen eye for planning, I feel things run very smoothly. We’ve also worked on a photo series which has resulted in publication in a local magazine (Bi35 Mag) which I’m very proud of as it was my first publication.  Working with a group of people who share similar values and work ethos was very much appreciated. My only wish is that there were more of them.

In conclusion, if ever looking for a professional stylist team who with their experience can provide a diverse and inclusive team for a project, I’d definitely consider them. Remember they are not just stylists, but event planners, educators, advisors amongst so many other skills.”



“STARTTS engaged with 2SS as lead artists for the AFRICAN HAIR PROJECT. An interdisciplinary art  project looking at the politics of African hair in Australia. Followi initial R&D the project took place between NSW and Victoria involving workshops culminating in performance, exhibition and discussions.

We specifically selected 2 Sydney Stylists for these projects because they are fabulous!!!!! Ability to innovate and take the lead whilst  working with multiple partners and artists and community alike within the time frame and the remit of the project with utter professionalism

The results of working with 2 Sydney Stylists was meaningful artistic and community engagement in a fun yet profound manner  with lasting impact.

STARTTS - Jiva Parthipan, Cultural Development Officer


“ I am the Community Arts Project Officer with Inner West Council, I first came across Niwa and Wanyika (2 Sydney Stylists) in late 2018 when they contacted me about applying to hold an event at the Open Inner West Festival I co-curate with members of the community. The 10 day Festival is a celebration of culture and diversity (i.e multiculturalism) in the Inner West.

In 2019 Wanyika and Niwa produced an extremely successful immersive exhibition Your Crown, Your Story at the Chrissie Cotter Gallery in Camperdown. Their work involved paying homage to local hairdresser and salon Fatou’s Hair Architects. The exhibition showcased the expression of beauty and culture of African hairstyles within Australian society. It also highlighted the growth and contributions from African communities in the inner west and beyond. 2 Sydney Stylists worked with local residents and visitors to the LGA who attended the services of Fatou’s Hair Architects recording stories and portraits of these patrons.

One of the really amazing elements of the project involved 2 Sydney Stylists collaborating with and contracting a number of artists from African descent – including a local photographer, DJ, hairdressers, models, set / interior designers, film producers and caterers. Niwa and Wanyika successfully brought along a number of partners with them on this journey who were all acknowledged and benefited from the success of the exhibition.”

Their opening night included an evening of storytelling through fashion, film and music, showcasing a significant part of African culture to the broader community. The exhibition space was jam packed and one of the most successful exhibitions I believe to have been held at the Gallery.

Niwa and Wanyika delivered a very high standard of work and as a funded entity they met all their deadlines and acquittal responsibilities. They are professional and capable women who delivered a visually outstanding body of work which was also meaningful and powerful. It was an absolute pleasure to partner with 2 Sydney Stylists on the Open Inner West Festival and I would work with them again given the opportunity. I believe Niwa and Wanyika will be successful in delivering any project from beginning to end. They are flexible and professional and deliver outstanding work.”

INNER WEST COUNCIL - Raffaela Cavadini, Community Arts Project Officer


“2 Sydney Stylists did wardrobe selection and curation for a book cover shoot

The team responded really well to the brief and were able to pull lots of clothing together from a variety of sources.

They brought a wonderful and refreshing sense of style and creativity to the wardrobe selection.

Wanyika and Niwa were very professional and flexible with our time constraints and brief, and a joy to work with.”



“It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Wanyika and Niwa from 2SydneyStylists.  I say this for a number or reasons. Firstly, it’s the energy this bring to their work and the authentic passion they have for it.

Secondly, I’ve loved working with them because of their focus on carefully and thoughtfully curating all the projects and content they release or work on.

And lastly, I am amazed by how they use their platform to give voice to our human differences and individual gifts in a way that elevates us all. And in so doing they live their mission… to celebrate Confidence, Culture and Connection. If you’ve not had a chance to experience their work, follow them on Instagram. You'll be amazed!”



I selected  2 Sydney Stylists for this project because you represent everything I needed - African, diasporan, out-of-the-box thinkers, connected to community, art-lovers and like-minded women and Aussie like me!

I honestly believe that you brought the aesthetic I needed - you proved to be amazing sounding boards, and helped bring the pieces to life in terms of not just colour and style, but adding a sense of character and era to the work. It is hard to explain, because it was tangible.

You guys got me - you understood, built and delivered - you over delivered.

I feel like any time I work with people and they understand where I am coming from, what I want to achieve and they are supportive, fun, organised and focused, everything falls into place. What I loved most was, you guys didn't just style and leave, you became a part of the show, filled in the gaps that I hadn't factored in and owned it. It was truly an honour to work with you, and I truly cannot wait for the opportunity to work with you again. So, did you exceed my expectations - absolutely, and then some.”