Our Story

Based in Sydney, Australia, 2 Sydney Stylists founders, Wanyika and Niwa are united in their shared passion for creative expression and story telling through the art of style. 
The two friends took the leap into creative partnership in 2017. What started off as a playful creative outlet soon evolved into a platform celebrating the richness of their cultural heritage within the backdrop of their adopted city of Sydney.

We love the fact that we can write our own story through the lenses that we see the world through, and create our own unique footprint in the fashion world.”

2 Sydney Stylists...loves! is a digital marketplace curated by Wanyika and Niwa. Sharing their love for beautiful and distinctive accessories and contemporary fashion. Where local artisanal traits from their motherland of East Africa are fused with modern, distinctive design. 
Wanyika & Niwa are purveyors of unique, ethical and vibrant products handmade by artisans who value preservation of their local traditions and cultural heritage as much as theu do. To bring you innovative and exquisite designs.

“Our mission is to build ethical and sustainable partnerships with local artisans and vendors in vibrant communities worldwide by connecting them to global customers in our digital marketplace.  

It goes without saying that aesthetics are always at top of mind and we want the pieces you choose to enhance the your innate beauty and the joy to Dress to Express.”